Changing with the Times!

I want to start out by sending a sincere thank you to all of the pie lovers who week after week have allowed me to do what I love best. Your business over these last few months has been spectacular, and something I could not have expected in such an unpredictable time. I am truly grateful for your loyalty and your love of pie. I have a few major announcements that I'll be sharing with you today.

1. My new email address is I will no longer be checking my other account for orders and inquiries, so please reach me at this new address.

2. Given current safety protocols, I will have a new online shop where I will take orders and pre-payment, visit All orders will have to be placed this way by the specified date, when the shop will close for that week's market. 

3. After much consideration, I have made the difficult decision to raise my prices. I have not had a change in prices in four years, and there are several reasons why I feel I must make this change. First, the cost of business rises with inflation each year. Right now, I am having an even harder time finding the right supplies and ingredients at the same reasonable cost. For 6example, the pie pans I have purchased for years have been out of stock for months, forcing me to use a extra deep dish pan that requires more filling. (Yay for more pie!) The move to square for online orders and need for extra packaging to ensure your safety also comes with a price. As I said, I really struggled with this decision, but in the end I decided it's what is necessary to keep the business open and running in this uncertain time. 

Again, I want to thank you all so much for your loyal business. As we move into the summer season, I'm eager to continue serving you top notch pies and treats. Stay Safe and Well!

Pie Fixes Everything!